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All That You Must Know About Hamsa Symbol

All That You Must Know About Hamsa Symbol

hamsa necklace

Protection symbols, we know tons! However, the sign of Hamsa is not a symbol like the others. Indeed, this amulet is one of the most famous symbols on the planet. Made up of five fingers pointing down, it is at the centre of many questions.

Can we wear it without believing it? Can we consider it as a protective hand? Etc. If you don't know how to adopt this protection symbol, this article is for you. Indeed, you would be delighted to discover that it is entirely possible to carry a hamsa necklace without bounding to any religious rule. In addition, you will discover the influence of the hand symbol in current fashion.

Meaning Of The Necklace

The influence of the hamsa necklace in your life depends mainly on the context in which you adopt it. So, depending on your belief or your intentions, this hand of luck can have a different meaning.

Can I Wear it Without Beliving

Many people wear it just because it is pretty. Indeed, they use it as a decorative element and expecting no reaction from the symbol. For them, Hamsa will have no influence, because for the hand to really act, you have to believe it. No matter what your religion or belief, you can use it as a beautiful jewel. So, yes, you can wear a gold hamsa bracelet, necklace, or any other related jewellery without believing.

About The Eye

Generally, Fatma's hand is provided with a blue eye in its centre. Rest assured, it has nothing to do with the all-seeing eye. Instead, it is a supportive eye that protects you and attracts positive vibes.

Wide Used In Current Fashion

No matter how you use this lucky charm, its influence in your life is up to you. To benefit from its benefits and protection, just believe it. Currently, Fatima's hand is everywhere. In Europe, the USA, and throughout Africa, this symbol has invaded the fashion industry. For example, you can find this hand on the following jewellery:

  • On Bracelets : Our arms welcome all types of jewellery as an ornament. If you are used to putting a curb chain around your arm, replace it with the gold hamsa bracelet and stay elegant while being protected.
  • On Pendants : Pendants or necklaces are the targets of several jewellery stores. Today, it is common to meet the hand of Fatima on pendants and necklaces. Besides, the presence of this symbol protects you and keeps bad luck from you.
  • On Various Accessories : Rings, T-shirts, rings, and earrings are also the fashion items likely to carry Fatma's hand. You can customize the pendant you want to adapt it to your preferences. No matter what medium you wear this protective eye on, it will make positive vibes in your life.

The Conclusion

Fatma's hand is sacred. It is found everywhere and on all forms. No matter what we believe, we can have this symbol. The most important thing is simply to believe it or not. If our religion does not accept the power of the eye of Fatma, it is better to obey. In this situation, simply use the Hamsa as a special decorative element.

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